Advantages of Pigment Printing

Advantages of Pigment Printing - Pixydecor

Pigment printing is one of the essential parts of the textile industry. It refers to the dyeing of clothes and dress materials. There are various types of dyes available in the market which is used for pigment printing. Resistant pigment, pigment dye ink,solvent dyes, ink pigments, resistant pigment, printing ink pigments and artists pigment are some of the popular pigments available.

Pigment printing is the most popular technique used on cellulose fibres. There are various benefits associated with the pigment printing process. Some benefits are:

  • High quality printing: Pigment printing offers brighter printing than the other styles of printing. Moreover, the colour is permanent with this process and do not get off just with one wash.
  • Easy Technique: Pigment printing is an easy dyeing process. The colour matching is fast and easy with pigment printing. Moreover pigment printing is possible without making subsequent washes. Also if there is any issue in the colour fabrication, it is easily identifiable in pigment printing technique.
  • Affordable Technique: Pigment printing is a budget friendly process. As this process ensures less wash off, quick sampling and is a high speed technique, more printing can be done at less time. You also do not need high end machinery for applying this technique. All these features make pigment printing economical.

PixyDecor It is moving several products under this technique to improve prices and durability of the product and also better and vibrant quality in the printing.

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