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  • Custom Home Decor on a Budget
    When you combine a large variety of home decor accessories with hundreds of designs to choose from, and pricing that beats our competitors into submission, you have everything you need to turn drab to fab and still have some cheese left over.
    Custom Home Decor on a Budget

    Tue, Aug 09, 22

    If you're like most of the country, you're spending a lot more time at home these days. It's not necessarily a bad thing, unless your home decor is killing your...

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  • Who we are!

    Tue, Aug 09, 22

    Your home decor should make a statement that fits your style. So why shop those big box stores when you can showcase your unique style with PixyDecor! We are dedicated...

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  • Advantages of Pigment Printing

    Tue, Aug 09, 22

    Pigment printing is one of the essential parts of the textile industry. It refers to the dyeing of clothes and dress materials. There are various types of dyes available in...

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